Where we enjoy creating food as much as you will enjoy eating it!

Yes! Eatalian Café is the Restaurant that, just after four months from the opening day, has been described like this:

“ It’s a fitting stage for the cafe’s culinary theater, where performances are played out behind an all-access panorama of windows that peer into the restaurant’s inner workrooms. Diners are inevitably transfixed, a captivated audience in awe of the gleaming mozzarella machine, the still-swirling batch of pistachio gelato and the flour-coated hands of bakers massaging heaps of dough”

Miles Clements, wrote this incredible article on us for the L.A. Times …. ; he made lots of people aware of the start of our culinary adventure … after years we can still say “Thank you Miles!” and we are starting to say: “Many Thank You to All our Loyal and Returning Customers, Many Thanks to All the New Ones that every day drive to Gardena from L.A., Redondo, Hermosa, Manhattan Beach, Orange County… Thank you!

What We Do

Eatalian Café is the core of our commitment to producing quality products, a cozy place where you will watch us turn simple ingredients into artisanal foods behind one of the glass-enclosed settings.

Next, we apply traditional cooking methods using our signature open stoves and imported ovens. The grand finale is serving up delicious cuisine to our appreciative patrons in our modern dining room, where the plate is the focus. By allowing our guests to see our chefs at work, we demonstrate our true passion for food without a need for a common language.
Our devotion to quality for our valued customers means small batches carefully produced in traditional ways by trained professionals from Italy…if we can’t take you to our home region of Reggio Emilia, it is our pleasure to bring a small piece of it to Los Angeles!  Beyond the seasoned cheese makers, gelato geniuses, bakers, pastry chefs, pizza masters and other culinary professionals, we also employ the latest in Italian technology and innovation to preserve and present our creations for the enjoyment of your palate.

Coffee Lovers?

While visiting our original location, we encourage you to pay special attention to the gleaming tower of stainless steel upon which our dining area is centered.  This modern feature is the iconic “Faema” brand which is widely considered to be the most influential coffee machine in history. Our particular mid-century design espresso machine is one of only two custom models in the world that were specially procured for service at the central train station in Milan, Italy. At the time of the commission, this train station was the busiest hub in Europe, and our machine was the grandest the world had ever seen.  Eventually the model was discontinued due to its unusually large size and space requirements, which is lucky for us because now we get to share extraordinary hand crafted coffee with our Friends in the West!

Our “Language” into Yours …

add: To put ingredients together; to put one ingredient with the others.

bake: To cook in an oven by using heat.

barbecue: To cook foods (primarily meat) on a grill by using fire or hot coals.

beat: To mix quickly and continually, commonly used with eggs.

boil: To heat water until little bubbles form.

break: To separate into smaller parts by force.

broil: To cook meat or vegetables on a rack with an extremely high temperature.

carve: To cut meat into slices.

chop: To cut into small pieces, generally used with vegetables.

combine: To put two or more things together.

cook: To prepare food by heating it, so the food is not raw.

crush: To cause to separate or flatten by extreme force, often used with garlic.

cut: To separate or divide by using a knife.

fry: To cook by putting the food into extremely hot oil.

grate: To divide into small parts by rubbing on a serrated surface, usually used with cheese.

grease: To coat with oil or butter.

grill: To cook by putting the food on a grill; similar to barbecue.

knead: To press and stretch dough, usually used with making bread.

mix: To combine two or more things using a spoon, spatula, or electric mixer.

measure: To obtain an exact quantity.

melt: to make something become liquid through heating.

microwave: To heat up food within a microwave oven.

mince: to grind food, normally meat, into small pieces. A machine is often used to do this.

open: To remove the top from a can or jar.

peel: To take the skin off of fruits or vegetables.

pour: To transfer liquid from one container to another.

put: To place something in a particular position or location.

roast: To cook in the oven or over a fire.

sauté: To quickly fry food by placing it in hot oil in a frying pan.

scramble: To mix the white and yellow parts of eggs together while cooking them in a pan.

slice: To cut into thin, wide portions.

steam: To cook by placing the food above boiling water. Steam is the vapor that comes from hot water

stir: To mix liquid ingredients by moving a spoon around in a circular motion

stir fry: To cook small pieces of food by moving it quickly in hot oil

wash: To immerse food in water and make sure it becomes clean

weigh: To measure the weight (grams or pounds) or something

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