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While visiting our original location, we encourage you to pay special attention to the gleaming tower of stainless steel upon which our dining area is centered. 

This modern feature is the iconic “Faema” brand which is widely considered to be the most influential coffee machine in history. Our particular mid-century design espresso machine is one of only two custom models in the world that were specially procured for service at the central train station in Milan, Italy.

At the time of the commission, this train station was the busiest hub in Europe, and our machine was the grandest the world had ever seen.  Eventually the model was discontinued due to its unusually large size and space requirements, which is lucky for us because now we get to share extraordinary hand crafted coffee with our Friends in the West!

(310) 532-8880


15500 S. Broadway St. 
Gardena, CA 90248


Hours of Operation:

Monday – Saturday
10.30 AM – 8.30PM